Our Archives, Newspaper, and Photo Collections

We are proud to present our archival collections!

The Oakmont Carnegie Library Archives are made up of several individual collections, including:


The Community History Archive of the Advance Leader, Oakmont and Verona’s local newspaper. This searchable online database features full scans of the Oakmont Library’s collection of Advance Leader newspapers from 1917 to 1950. The library would like to extend our thanks to the Oakmont Historical Society for funding and encouraging the creation of this database.

The Oakmont Historic Image Collection, consisting of nearly 1,000 photographs, postcards, and other images relating to Oakmont and the surrounding area.  These images have been digitized in a partnership with the University of Pittsburgh’s Digital Research Library and are available online! For information about reproducing these images, click here.

At the Library:

The Vertical File Collection, made up of folders of reference materials, such as newspaper articles, that relate to Oakmont, Verona, and Pennsylvania history.

The Oakmont Carnegie Library Collection, consisting of documents, official records, and other items relating to the history of the Oakmont Carnegie Library.

The Oakmont Historical Collection, made up of loose documents, bound items, maps, blueprints, cassette tapes, and other materials relating to the history of Oakmont and the surrounding area.  This collection, which covers a time period from the turn of the last century to the present, contains materials relating to homes, businesses, and individuals as well as paper and microfilm copies of certain years of the Advance Leader newspaper.

All archival materials are accessible by appointment.

The library gladly welcomes donations of material, especially photographs, relating to the history of Oakmont and the surrounding area, although not all items offered can be accepted.  Our archivist will also be happy to assist you in taking care of your personal materials by offering preservation recommendations. 

If you would like to make an appointment to access archival materials, have a question relating to the history of Oakmont or the surrounding area, are interested in donating material, or would like advice on how to preserve your personal historic artifacts, please contact Reference Librarian and Archivist Stephanie Zimble at zimbles@einetwork.net or by calling the Oakmont Library at (412) 828-9532.