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Meet Our Library Board!

The Oakmont Carnegie Library Board is made up of 7 members who are elected to 5 year terms.  The board meets monthly and oversees library programs and services, creates service standards and policies, recommends funding for the library, and participates in fundraising projects and events. 

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Our current board members are Matt Kissane, Katie Lascola, Shane Michael, Deborah Ormay, Lindsay Osterhout, and Laurie Sliben. We asked them a few questions about themselves - read on to get to know our Library Board!

Matt Kissane

What's your favorite book?
I recently finished Johnstown Flood by David McCollough, and I really enjoyed The Mysterious Montague by Leigh Montville.

What's your favorite movie?
The Usual Suspects

What's your favorite thing about the library?
The history of the building, and growing up in Oakmont and remembering going there with my mom before it was expanded.

What's your most memorable moment at the library?
Recently my kids have provided me with some memorable moments as every time they go there they come home with cook books and books about princesses!

Why did you want to be on the library board?
I wanted to volunteer and use my experience to help my community, and I believe in the library mission to be a community source of lifelong learning, information, recreation, and inspiration. 

Katie Lascola

What's your favorite book?
There are far too many to choose from!

What's your favorite movie?
Fried Green Tomatoes. I feel every emotion as I watch this movie. I laugh, I cry, I'm shocked and in suspense, etc. I feel it all and I love it!

What's your favorite thing about the library?
Community. To me, the library is the center of the community. It's a place for for gathering and a place for knowledge. There is something, whether it be books, movies, programs, trainings, and so on, for all ages and all interests. I also LOVE to read. What better place is there to explore the world of the written word than the library?!? 

What's your most memorable moment at the library?
I will forever hold the picture of each one of my three children standing on the step stool with the books that they've chosen in front of them and a library card in hand as they are checking out. I stand back and watch while they they thoroughly enjoy their independence. 

Why did you want to be on the library board?
I love our community and I certainly love our library.  The library is a meaningful institution which truly makes our community a better place. I'm proud to be on the board, ensuring that the library continues to be an asset to all who walk through the doors.

Deborah Ormay

What's your favorite book? 
The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

What's your favorite movie? 
"The Lord of The Rings:  The Return of the King"

What's your favorite thing about the library? 
My favorite thing about the Oakmont Carnegie Library is its vibrancy and activity.  The library challenged and transformed my preconceived notions of what a library should be like.  Our library has shown that libraries are more than books and magazines.  Our library is a community center.   

What's your most memorable moment at the library? 
The first library I ever went to was in Brookline, PA.  I remember its dark gray exterior bricks.  It appeared small from the outside, as if it was only one level.  The lower level housed the children's section.  There was that aroma of books and that sound of hushed-ness.  I even remember one of the first books I got out of that library:  Birth of an Island - it was a child's book about volcanoes. I must have been around 6 or 7.   I'd have to say I remember books from libraries more than specific events. 

Why did you want to be on the library board? 
I grew up in Oakmont but migrated to Massachusetts, where I lived for 25 years.  I returned in November 2011.  I wanted to find a way to reconnect with the community.  I wanted to find a way to be of service to the community.  Now that I've been on the board for a couple of years, I am eager to see Oakmont Carnegie Library continue to grow and thrive - to watch it transform as it adapts to serving a population that has become increasingly digital-savvy.  I'm excited to watch our strategic plan unfold and evolve.  It's a privilege to be a part of it.

Laurie Sliben

What's your favorite book?
Picking just one book is very difficult! So, I’ll say my favorite books are Harry Potter, because I love to read them over and over again.

What's your favorite movie?
How to pick just one?!  Overall, White Christmas is one of my all-time favorites.

What's your favorite thing about the library?
Esthetically, it’s beautiful. But what I really love is that our library welcomes people of all ages, to share in continuous, life-long learning, and that we offer such a vast array of programs for our patrons. There’s always something good going on at the Oakmont Library!

What's your most memorable moment at the library?
When I was a child, I distinctly remember the excitement I felt when visiting my local library, unsure of what I would discover on each visit!
Why did you want to be on the library board?
Because I love books, I love to learn, and I wanted to contribute a small part towards the ongoing success of our library which, to me, is a vital part of our community